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Why buy from us? is the leading online supplies store for Dental products, materials, instruments and equipments. aims to provide clear visibility, availability and freshness of dental materials used in the country.

New Arrival

Made of high quality controlled memory wire, after heat activation treatment blue color is derived.Excellent flexibility.Better Cutting Efficiency due..
Ex Tax:₹1,069.6
Model: K Files ( S.S FILES )
For all preparation techniques with filing motionFor the enlargement of severly curved canals MATERIAL:-1 SET = 6 FILES..
Ex Tax:₹160.7
Model: niti round wires
Predicatable Light Continous Force LevelsConsistent Arch ShapeResistant To Deformation For High Spring Back Fully active at room e..
Ex Tax:₹125.0
Model: echain grey Continous Close
High ElasticityExcellent Reboundit provides a lighter, yet longer lasting force. It is crafted from Premium Japanese Thermoset material. It has thinne..
Ex Tax:₹330.4
Model: ligaure tie grey
High ElasticityExcellent ReboundManufactured out from high elastic material with a precision injection moulding process. The perfect ring section faci..
Ex Tax:₹330.4
Model: open coil spring
Delivers Constant Force ValuesSuperelastic Niti QualityProvide Comfortable & Predicatable ForceNiTi Open Spring ( 0.10 mm ) provides, open and mai..
Ex Tax:₹267.9
A Complete range of top quality Electro Plated FG diamond Burs - All color coded and 100% controlled.MATERIAL:-1 SET = 5 Diamond Burs..
Ex Tax:₹214.3
Short thread design, matching the short root canal of baby’s teeth.The small files protect the fragile root canal wall of baby’s teeth effectively.The..
Ex Tax:₹973.2

Best Selling Products

Model: laser making MINI 1st molar tube
Funneled EntranceSmooth and Rounded Hooks80 Gauge Mesh PadImproved Low-Profile Designgood anatomical addaptation on molarNewest and most advanced tube..
Ex Tax:₹125.0
Model: essix sheet square
More DurableExcellent Wear Resistance Crystal ClearingVaccum forming sheets mainly used for retainers ,night guard and bleaching tray etc.MATERIA..
Ex Tax:₹1,100.7
Model: Passive ceramic self ligating brackets ( MBT 022 )
Designed to help you tap important patient interests such as aesthetic treatment and convenience without giving up what you want: an appliance that de..
Ex Tax:₹8,839.3
Pro-Flexi Files is a simple but effective rotary system.Special heat treatment to make it in gold color.rotary speed 150-300rpm, torque
Ex Tax:₹1,025.9

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